Century XXI Social Contract Theory

CANADA AS PATHFINDER as founded through the continued protocols of the 1613 Two Row Wampum 2013
Strategically, there is no other nation or territory in the world that possesses the critical combination ratios of (1) an overabundance of natural resources within the massive geographic position; (2) a relative small population; and, (3) a democratic, lawful environment where public diversity between Original indigenous Peoples customary laws thrive as an evolving political and economic force to challenge the historical and invasive commercial thrust from a invasive military force - which may be in contravention of prevailing international laws.
China's more-than-3000-year-old exploration history of the west coast of North America / North Turtle Island is lodged into the monastic records of monks who noted such things as the Florida-region's fables of fountains of eternal youth. In 1825, Russia and England established the demarcation zone (transferred to USA in 1867) on this west coast - in absence of Original indigenous Peoples inclusion - just a breath beyond the 400-year anniversary on the east coast of the 1613 Two Row Wampum between the Haudenosaunee and the Netherland's West India Trading Company. While, today, we witness such state nation political fractions between the empire-building NATO and the updated Kremlin-based military alliances over Ukraine's ethnicity and natural resources ... While the "faith-based" state-nation forces of all divisions continue to foment hatred and warfare; with no peace in sight ... Nearly 1200 years ago the Haudenosaunee structured an affiliate legion of nations into a collegial assembly that - in 1988 & 2013 / 2014 - has continued to be honored by the constitutional Houses of the world's largest military complex (USA) with recognition scrolls detailing the Haudenosaunee peace-making history ... and, now its renewal (2) ... Including, the Dutch reaffirmations ... 1613- 2013 ... And, the Covenant Chain ... Peace Trust Friendship/ Gus Wen Tah ... Twelve Tables.